The regeneration of Australia’s food and farming systems
19 March 2023
19 March 2023

Tasmanian Produce Collective

Tasmanian Produce Collective is all about healthy local food systems.

The Tasmanian Produce Collective is a social enterprise owned and operated by producers. The organisation’s virtual farmers market offers Tasmanians a wide selection of fresh, seasonal products via a convenient online platform, where conscientious consumers and producers come together to create a healthier local food system for all.

The Sustainable Table Fund is supporting the organisation to create a stronger, more resilient, localised food system that benefits producers and communities across Tasmania. This will include funding to:

  • Hire a part-time Producer & Customer Liaison to build stronger relationships with producers and customers
  • Develop a branding awareness strategy and advertising campaign to enable growth
  • Purchase a refrigerated vehicle to allow the organisation to take control of logistics