The regeneration of Australia’s food and farming systems
19 March 2023
19 March 2023


ORICoop is empowering grain producers to control their own supply chain.

ORICoop is launching a producer-owned and regional provenance ‘Farmers Own’ brand that empowers producers to share in the benefits of controlling their own supply chain. Known as ORCA (Organic and Regenerative Co-operative Australia), the aim is to strengthen grain supply chains from the field to the finished product. The project will include assessing the existing processing capabilities together with the staged development of grain processing facilities in the Riverina and Western Australia’s wheat belt.

With producers empowered with the latest technology they can better determine market demand, incorporate both better traceability and transparency of their grain as well as diversify opportunities for different grain varieties. With a farmer-led and owned brand, together with strategic processing facilities producers can be nimble and targeted to the demands of the market.

The project’s stage one key objectives are:

  • Determine existing grain and processing facilities for the Riverina region
  • Assess the rigour of existing feasibility study for the Riverina region
  • Determine the strategic demand for organic grain production
  • Complete the business plan for the Riverina region
  • Determine robust financials to formulate the story for investors to participate
  • Create a template using the Riverina project and incorporate the Western Australian organic grain project, adapting it to their requirements
  • Follow up industry engagement for Riverina and further engagement for Western Australia