The regeneration of Australia’s food and farming systems
19 March 2023
19 March 2023

Moonrise Seaweed Co.

Moonrise Seaweed Co. is regeneratively farming native seaweeds.

Moonrise Seaweed Co. is a family business on a mission to regeneratively farm native seaweeds. They live and work on beautiful Kaurna yarta. The organisation is 50% First Nations owned and well on their way to developing an innovative, community-scaled, culturally informed and climate-friendly ocean farm.

Moonrise Seaweed Co. will design and implement a pilot regenerative seaweed farm, engaging with First Nations elders and community to prioritise cultural protocols and Sea Country custodianship, and use the skills and knowledge they gain to create meaningful pathways for First Nations and other small operators into the industry.

The project’s key objectives are:

  • Bring the wider coastal community on board for regenerative sea farming in metro waters, with a special focus on guidance from First Nations on how to design & execute a project that foregrounds Caring for Sea Country.
  • Successfully build a demo seaweed farm on Kaurna Sea Country where we can demonstrate a financially viable, ecologically restorative method by which small operators can farm seaweed.
  • Shape the future of the seaweed industry in South Australia to create clear pathways for small mission-driven operators and First Nations people.