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03 July 2024
03 July 2024

Grain Diversity for Brewing

Grant Amount: $25,000

Region: National

Delivered by: Tuerong Farm

Year funded: 2024

Project status: Currently fundraising

The Challenge

In Australia, grain is a cornerstone of the agricultural industry, underpinning a vast array of products from bread to beer. Despite the vast diversity in barley, wheat, and rye genetics, only a handful of grain varieties are used in Australia's brewing market. This limits the potential for diversification in beers across the country.

The Innovation

Jason Cotter and the team at Tuerong Farm aim to increase the seed production of several grain varieties to provide a more diverse offering to the Australian brewing market. Funded as part of the Good Grain initiative, this project will utilise existing research to test the agronomic and brewing characteristics of varieties not widely grown in Australia, potentially boosting the local brewing industry. The project will create more localised grain economies, shorter supply chains, and reduce reliance on imported products. This approach builds local diversity and resilience within Australia’s grain and brewing industries.

Why did Sustainable Table fund this project?

We funded Jason’s project because he is a leader in the diversified and heirloom grains sector, known for his influence, innovation, and deep knowledge. His willingness to trial new varieties and share his findings with others demonstrates his understanding of the ecosystem and his role within it. With a wealth of reputable experience and innovative experimentation, Jason has personally carried this work both financially and physically, earning respect across the grain sector. He showcases replicable and scalable short supply chains, addressing the limitations of scale by collaborating with other farmers to build volume and reduce production risks.

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