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    Not all ham is created equal – A guide to buying pork products this Christmas.

    November 30,2015

    Posted by Cassie D | Comments (223)


    For those of you who still enjoy a mindful meaty treat when celebrating the festive season we’ve developed a handy little list of ethical pork producers as well as some info on the truth behind free range labeling. Pigs are unfortunately one of the most poorly treated animals here in Australia, with 90% of pork products coming from factory farms where pregnant sows are often confined to stalls they cannot even turn around in.

    So if you’re going to indulge this Christmas do it with a conscience.

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    Pastitsio: ultimate comfort food + leftovers saviour

    August 04,2015

    Posted by Cassie D | Comments (1)

    We get excited by clever ways to reduce food waste, hence we're thoroughly excited about our latest eBook The Clever Cook. It's devoted to easy, wholesome recipes that help you avoid food waste, saving you money as well as reducing your impact on the environment. Here's one of our favourite recipes from the eBook, to give you another little glance into what's inside (check out our previous posts on the eBook for more).
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    Why we need to be Clever Cooks PLUS a recipe for the perfect chicken soup

    July 01,2015

    Posted by Cassie D | Comments (1)

    With the release of our latest waste-fighting eBook The Clever Cook, we sit down and have a short Q&A with the eBook's author (and our comms coordinator) Maria Hannaford to learn what developing the book taught her about our power to improve our environment.
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    A rare insight into the life of a fisherman

    April 29,2015

    Posted by Cassie D | Comments (1)

    Wayne Cripps' family history is steeped in salt water. The Cripps' family have been fishing for their livelihoods since 1874. It's the only occupation Wayne has known. But it's a tough one, not without its challenges. In this beautifully written story, Wayne gives us a glimpse into a world most of us are completely unfamiliar with. To us, it highlights how important it is to ensure we use our shopping dollar to support our local fishing industries and ensure our oceans are healthy... and stay that way.
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