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    These seafood species are OK to (mindfully) eat! Phew.

    February 10,2014

    Posted by Maria H | Comments (1)

    A new Sustainable Seafood Assessment Program (SASAP) by the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) has assessed a range of local seafood products as sustainable, meaning they’re good for the environment, good for the local economy and, yes, good for our gobs.
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    STOP the press! Filming has begun!

    January 15,2014

    Posted by Maria H | Comments (11)


    If we were inclined to utilise emoticons, we'd insert excited clapping hands *here*. Filming of our short doco about living waste-free has begun! Sure it's 44C and filming is on the beach... but hey, someone's got to do it.

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    Support our Waste Deep Documentary

    December 11,2013

    Posted by Maria H | Comments (56)

    We've launched a Pozible crowd-funding campaign to raise the funds to produce a short documentary about waste and waste-free eating. We'd LOVE for our loyal readers to get on board and help us get our idea off the ground. Here's the low-down: 
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    Growing their own incrEDIBLE food future

    July 30,2013

    Posted by Maria H | Comments (73)

    Urban agriculture (UA) is one of our favourite topics here at Sustainable Table, because we recognise it is the way forward to a sustainable and secure food future. So when volunteer Lauren Salathiel came to us with this story of a wildly successful UA project in the UK ("UA to the UK yo") we had to share it. Lauren spent some time in this amazing town and gives an inspiring account of the passionate work going on there. Over to you Lauren:
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