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    Giving Gardens; Giving a Future

    September 08,2015

    Posted by Maria H | Comments (3)


    Farming is a hot topic in Australia and around the Western world right now, with a focus on how farmers are going to deal with the challenges posed by a changing climate.

    We hear of many stories of farmers transitioning to traditional methods of agriculture such as organic and biodynamic farming in order to create a more resilient farm, as well as adopting innovations that will help them withstand rising temperatures and water shortages and other extreme weather events that scientists warn will only become more frequent. But what of people in developing nations who don’t have access to the latest farming innovations but whose food security is at a greater risk than we could ever imagine? How can the millions of subsistence farmers around the globe secure their farming futures?

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    Giving Gardens in Cambodia

    June 09,2014

    Posted by Maria H | Comments (0)

    In 2012, Sustainable Table, together with Agile Development Group (ADG), set up three organic community vegetable gardens and an organic pagoda garden (run by monks) in rural Kampot, Southern Cambodia. Called the Giving Gardens project, the aim was to improve the livelihoods and resilience of communities in the region by teaching the lost skill of food-growing to the community. Now, thanks to Organic Dairy Farmers Australia, the project has been expanded into a second phase, covering more ground...
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    Making every dollar count, with Orphfund's Steve Argent

    May 23,2012

    Posted by Maria H | Comments (8)

    This week, we chat to Steve Argent, Founder of volunteer aid organisation OrphFund, about his latest project in Africa and how Sustainable Table's financial support will go towards improving the sustainability of the project, long in to the future... 
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    Sanitation and Farming. How the two are connected, and why you should make a run for it.

    March 21,2012

    Posted by Maria H | Comments (30)


    What problems arise from poor sanitation, and conventional farming practices, and how can fixing one problem be the solution to the other?

    Every day, 4,900 children die from sanitation related diseases. That is one child every 20 seconds. At the same time, conventional farming practices involving the use of petroleum-based chemicals degrade soil quality and accelerate global warming. They may seem like unrelated issues, but a unique development project in Africa is showing how making changes to improve sanitation also helps farmers move away from deleterious farming practices... 



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