Ethical Meat Suppliers

Where can I purchase wild or ethical meat in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra?

Meat eaters can reduce their impact on the environment without giving it up altogether. One way of doing this is by choosing meat that has been farmed in an ethical manner using methods that nourish the animals and the environment.

This directory is intended to help you source meat that is more ethically farmed or harvested, so that you can help make a difference, one meal at a time.

A note on abattoirs in Australia
No matter how ethically animals have been raised during their life on the farm, they are still slaughtered and processed at the same abattoirs as factory farmed animals, although meat sold as certified organic in Australia must be processed at an abattoir which holds organic certification. They are also slaughtered many years before their natural lives would come to an end.  Farmers who strive to raise their animals in the most ethical manner also want to see their ethical standards maintained throughout the slaughtering process, however, this is not always under their control. This section has been included to draw your attention to the full breadth of considerations that must be made before tucking into a meaty meal. Please read through our section on being a Mindful Meat Eater, and consider asking questions about the slaughtering process, such as how far the animals travel to be slaughtered, and how old they are when they are slaughtered.

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